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How To Keep Your Accounts Safe

Game Account

When you login with a device that never had access to the account before, we will automatically send a security code in the email used for registration.

It is essential for your account's security that you do not share this code with anyone, as well as the username and password of your account.

If you suspect someone had access to your username and/or password, you must change your password.

If you believe your email is not secure, you can change the account's email.
If you lost access to the email registered, you need to contact our support on Support Request > Email Issue explaining the situation.
Keep in mind that we have a very strict security policy for email changes and it is not guaranteed that it will be approved.

Forum Account

Enable the Google Authenticator option on Settings > Security and Privacy. This will enable the security code requirement, similar to your game account.

You can also change the password and the email registered in your account in the Forum's Settings if needed.

General Tips For Security

  • Do not use the same password for different platforms and accounts. If you do and one platform has a data breach, all of your accounts using the same login information are at risk of being stolen.

  • Do not use the same name for your username and character name.

  • Do not match your username with your email address.

  • If others have access to your device, do not save your login information regardless of your relationship with them.

  • Do not leave your account logged in while you are not around.

Never share your login information and security code in any circumstances.
Account sharing is a violation of our rules, and this rule exists to prevent unwanted situations such as account theft or theft of assets.

Staff does not have access to your passwords and we will never request this information in any circumstance.
If someone is requesting your password claiming to be part of our Staff, do not answer them and contact our support immediately.

We provide all the necessary tools to keep your account as safe as it can be, but it is your responsibility to use these tools appropriately.

Author: Teddiursa