PokeMMO Support

Importing Or Changing ROMs

We do not provide ROMs. You need to get the ROMs yourself. If you don't know how, we recommend looking for guides on Google or Youtube.

To import or change a ROM, you need to go to "client management" in the login menu.

If you are trying to import or change a ROM and are getting an error, you can see below how to solve it.

"File selection was canceled."

  • MIUI devices:

You might need to enable the MIUI optimization in the developer settings.

  • Any other Android devices:

Try moving your roms to a different storage (external/internal) and different folders. Some devices might have different permissions settings which will block PokeMMO from accessing the storage type or folder the roms are in.

  • iOS:

Try enabling the alternative file selection method clicking in the settings icon in the rom upload screen.

  • ChromeOS:

    • Try restarting your device or manually placing the ROMs in the "rom" folder in PokeMMO's directory.
    • If this won't work, unfortunately there is nothing else we can suggest, since ChromeOS isn't a supported platform.

If none of these solutions help, contact our support.

Author: Teddi