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Out Of Memory Error


In some cases, PokeMMO may not have enough memory to function correctly. An "Out of Memory" error may occur, for example, after installing several large mods. To resolve this issue, please refer to your platform instructions below.


PokeMMO provides a configuration file which allows users to manage their client's memory usage. This is located in the base PokeMMO directory and is named PokeMMO.l4j.ini. Typically, PokeMMO is installed to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Programs\PokeMMO\

This configuration file comes with sensible defaults, limiting memory allocation to 384MB. To increase the client's upper limit, set the -Xmx value to a larger number, such as -Xmx512M or -Xmx768M

macOS / Linux

PokeMMO's Launcher allows setting the maximum memory through its configuration menu.

Before launching the game, press the Configuration menu button and increase the "Memory Maximum (MB)" setting above the default 384MB value.

Linux (Portable)

Please refer to the Windows instructions for modifying the PokeMMO.l4j.ini file.

Android / iOS:

Memory usage is automatically managed by the phone's operating system and can't be changed.

If you haven't installed any mods, your device may not have enough memory to run PokeMMO. This isn't something which can be changed or resolved.

If you have installed mods, please refer to the instructions for managing mods to remove them.

Still having issues?

If your phone has a large amount of memory (over 2GB) but the client is still failing to start due to an OutOfMemory error, you may be experiencing a bug. Please file a support ticket to see if we can help resolve the issue for you.

If the game closes after a long time of being open with an OutOfMemory error, there may be a bug with the client. Please file a support ticket describing what, if anything, you were doing during your play session (such as if you were fighting lots of battles).

Author: Kyu