PokeMMO Support

Setting Up a Controller

Before starting to setup your controller, check if the controller support is enabled on Settings > Control. If it's already enabled, follow these steps:

  1. For PC users only: Make sure all your inputs on Settings > Control have keyboard keys bound to them before using the controller. Controller inputs currently depend on keyboard being bound to the keys. This will be changed in a future update.
  2. Connect your controller to your device. The game can be running or not, with the controller support enabled it should be able to identify the controller and allow its usage.
  3. Go to Settings > Control to check and edit the key binds according to your preference.

If your controller is not recognized, check if your controller is correctly connected to your device. If this checks out, your controller might be a model we don't currently support.

If you are having an issue that wasn't mentioned here, contact our support.

Author: Teddi