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Banned for Client Tampering


If your account has been recently closed due to Client Tampering, other software is interfering with PokeMMO's normal operations.

One of the reasons this may occur is due to autoclicker software you've installed to automate gameplay for PokeMMO or other games. It may also occur if you're running PokeMMO in a "multi-game" program or other sandbox.

Client tampering bans will continue to increase in duration until you uninstall the program which is interfering with PokeMMO.


  • Remove all autoclicker/macroing software from your phone and restart it.
    • When used on Android or iOS, autoclicker/macroing software can interfere with the game client even when not used with PokeMMO. This is because they run in the background and interfere with all programs.
  • PokeMMO only allows one client to be run on a device at a time. Do not use other programs to bypass this limitation.
  • Do not use hack tools with PokeMMO. Hack tools which modify the apk or ipa used on your phone will result in your account being terminated.

Still having issues?

  • PokeMMO may refuse to run in rooted environments due to high risks of cheating.
  • PokeMMO does not allow running the game inside a virtual machine. This includes software such as Bluestacks, Vmware, or KVM.
  • PokeMMO will automatically ban players using speedhack utilities and other hack tools. These may be permanent or temporary depending on the severity of the offence.
  • For players on Android, visit the Accessibility Service tampering instruction article

If you're sure you're not running any software which is interfering with the game, please file a support ticket describing your issue.

Permanent Bans for Repeat Offenders

  • We do not tolerate cheating in any form. While we issue temporary bans as a warning for less severe offences, your account can be closed permanently for tampering.
  • Bypassing client tampering checks through client hacks will result in a permanent ban for the account.

Author: Administrators