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Xsolla Error 3032

This error means your account might be blocked on Xsolla's system:

3032: Sorry, the payment cannot be completed now. Please try again later or contact Xsolla Customer Support.
This error may appear when your account is blocked on our system. Please check your account for previous chargebacks and contact us to resolve this issue.

Source of this information: https://help.xsolla.com/i-cant-make-a-payment/most-common-error-codes

You can contact their support to clarify the situation. To do so, open the Gift Shop in game, click on "Get More Reward Points" and proceed to the page where you choose the amount of Reward Points you would like to obtain.

If you are on PC, you will see a purple chat bubble at the bottom left in this page:

If on mobile, it will be a button at the end of the page:

If contacting Xsolla does not solve your problem, contact our support on Support Request > Reward Points Issue with a screenshot of their answer.

Keep in mind that PokeMMO has no power to overrule Xsolla's decision on this matter. If they tell you that your account is banned, we will not be able to help and we do not provide any other payment option.

Author: Teddi